Nanjing International Christian Fellowship


In the very beginning in 1985, a group began to meet as a simple gathering of foreign Christian students who needed to fellowship as Christian. The group gradually increased in number as many foreign students and foreign workers were coming to Nanjing.

When the group increased in number, a summary organization was implemented. Then after, the community began to organize itself as an International Christian church.

Later a name was given to the Church: Nanjing International Christian Fellowship: NICF. Ministries in NICF were created according to the needs. NICF has been a progressive Church.

Today, NICF is an inter-denominational, Bible-based and Christ-centered fellowship. NICF has developed a clear purpose: VISION, MISSION AND OBJECTIVES. You are always welcome to join us for service.

At NICF we always say "Don't just feel at home, be at home". God bless you.

Sunday Morning Services

30 North ZhongShan Road
城市名人酒店 中山北路30 号

From: 9:30 to 12:00